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Workshops at MIT, as Instructor 

GIS Visualization and Analysis in R (Spring 2018, Spring 2019)


GitHub (Fall 2018)


Introduction to Latex (Fall 2016)


Courses at MIT, as TA 

17.835  Machine Learning and Data Science in Politics (Professor In Song Kim, Spring 2018)

             Syllabus | Sample Slides

17.800  Quantitative Research Methods I: Regression (Professor Daniel Hidalgo, Fall 2016)

             Syllabus | Sample Slides   


 J-Pal Executive Education: Evaluating Social Programs (Summer 2016)

             More Information

4AAOB103/113 Introduction to Politics

7AAOM230 Quantitative Research Methods

7AAOM100 Research Design

Modules at King's College London

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